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09/01/09 07:18 PM #206    

Robin Brady (Cain)

Funny you ask about rehab...I actually work as a rehab therapist. Not for drugs or alcohol, but Occupational Therpay with senior citizens. They (ages 80-94) are telling ME that I look like I need some sleep and I have bags under my eyes. What nerve!! No, life had to return to, two teenage boys, and running the household. But the alternative of a party weekend was nice! Hey, thanks for the nomination of superlative--better late than never!! lol

09/01/09 08:58 PM #207    

Marshall L. Rudder

Hey Brad, You have to get them with onions!! They make the dog! I wonder if they could be shipped? Any ideas? Let me know and I'll send you a dozen. Marshall

09/01/09 10:09 PM #208    

Brad Herring

Marshall, I think the onions are poisonous at Zack's. I got them one time and it about killed me. Never have gotten them since. Hell, it is only a three hour drive to Burlington.....might make for a good road trip. Ride up there and get some Zack's and come back. Of course I could get some others to meet me up there.

Karen, Rhonda did not come to the party. I was looking for her but I never saw anything. Sorry you missed it. It was great and everyone looked great.

We have to have another one soon. How about next week?

09/02/09 01:04 AM #209    

Rusty Barnes

I was visiting my brother and sister in Atlanta for a couple of weeks before the reunion. When I reminded my niece that I was leaving the next day for my reunion in NC and then back home to NJ, she looked up from her homework and said "sad face" (I think she's been texting too much). So as my classmates were saying their goodbye's Saturday night with "see you in 10 years", it's no wonder that I kept thinking "sad face".

I had a great time this weekend! Many thanks to the reunion committee (and everyone else who helped) for spending their valuable time putting together such a successful reunion weekend. Billy and Susan -- thank you for hosting the party at your home Friday night. Bob, Brad, Robin, Karen, and others -- your running conversation on the message forum has been highly entertaining. Also thanks to everyone who has posted photos and videos on the reunion web site. Henry -- your rendition of "Hey Bulldog" was perfect and the rap was too funny. It was fantastic seeing the class of '79 again and having the opportunity to re-connect this summer. Of course, there never does seem to be enough time to chat with everyone as much as I'd like, so I'm already looking forward to our next's no wonder that I keep thinking "happy face" now.

09/02/09 06:24 PM #210    

Elizabeth Cross (Hill)

Just saw that Danny Morrison was named President of the Carolina Panthers - way to go Coach Morrison!

09/02/09 06:25 PM #211    


Bob Williamson

Obsessed is a word for "really interested"!


Bob Williamson

09/02/09 06:27 PM #212    


Bob Williamson

Wow, Elizabeth, thats HUGE! GO Coach Morrison!

09/02/09 07:38 PM #213    

Sandy Chandler (Glenn)

Sorry I couldn't be there. I was in (school) spirit : The pictures are great and from what I hear the reunion was a huge success.

I've heard we may do this again in 5 years. Hope so. We really did have such a great class. ('a'..not class, per se)

Let's keep it alive on the forum til then!

09/02/09 08:11 PM #214    


Carole A. Simnor (Kaprelian)

Couldn't agree more Sandy!
We did have a great class and I hope to definitely be there for the next one.
I remember a few things from our 20th...seeing Billy Pinson and Joel Hyder and them not knowing who I was and then catching up with Cheryl Eagle, Kathy Glenn, Mary Wilson and Tish Sherman to name a few....
Hey Billy, maybe have a 2 1/2 year one at your house!!!!
Sounds like everyone enjoyed that night and your "man cave" sounds awesome!!!!
Love this message forum!!!!
Let's keep it goin'.

09/02/09 08:26 PM #215    

Cheryl L. Eagle (Irwin)

This year was a blast and it's so cool that we have technology to share all of it now! I just wish i was as savvy as some of you guys. Thanks to everyone who planned and implemented this reunion. Let's do it again in five! Will someone please get hold of Grant Fox and his girlfriend? She took tons of pictures and i'd love to see them posted on this site or Facebook. Robin, Cindy, Henry, and others have documented well. Sadly, I only have one picture... Fridaria's husband used my camera (which i left on a table the whole time) and got a picture of the "Oreos" from Mr. Walker's 8th grade Language Arts class at Turrentine. I'll try to post it if i can figure out how. :-) Ci

09/02/09 08:30 PM #216    

Cheryl L. Eagle (Irwin)

oh yeah, Billy, my Billy has been raving about the man-cave too. it was very nice..., and so was Will (he was the only son of yours that i talked to). hope he will be on the slopes this winter in Boone! My boys, including my husband, will be snowboarding. :-) Ci

09/03/09 10:55 AM #217    

Judith L. Leach (Edwards)

Thanks Reunion Committee!! You did a great job!

Too cool about Danny Morrison!! He was my Geometry teacher at WHS. He is only 55, he was wet behind the ears when he was teaching/coaching us. Here are a few articles from the Burlington Times News.

09/03/09 03:41 PM #218    

Brad Herring

Wow Judy! I had not heard that! Great news!

09/03/09 04:57 PM #219    

Linda Cheek (Darst)

Wow, ok I have to admit that I did have a crush on Coach Morrison. He's still looking as fine as he did then. Lucky wife!

09/03/09 10:24 PM #220    

Brad Herring

Yearbook 1978 Yearbook 1979

09/04/09 02:59 PM #221    

Hal Capps

Hey guys, I also saw on the North Carolina High School Athletic Assocation webb site that our own COACH PETE STOUT will be inducted into the North Carolina High School HALL OF FAME this May. When I talked to him Wed. night, he said "how nice" . typical Pete.

09/04/09 05:45 PM #222    

Robin Brady (Cain)

I remember Dickey Corbett at Turrentine, I had a crush on him. Thought he was really cute.

09/04/09 11:26 PM #223    

Elizabeth Cross (Hill)

I had Mr. Corbett at Turrentine. He was great - he taught us poetry using rock music.

09/05/09 07:13 AM #224    


Bob Williamson

Hi everyone. Hal, Coach Stout was (is) great. He taught Bobby Wilson and I how to drive. Now THAT takes skill!
Thats great hes going into NC HOF. He deserves it.


09/05/09 04:30 PM #225    

Beth Maness (Kelley)

Hey guys,
I just wanted to put a blurb in about the campaign for the new WHS Digital sign. (Please click on where is says WHS Sign Donations.) I saw a replica today of what the new sign would be like. It is awesome!!! Please do what you can to help make this a reality. It will take lots of support to raise the money. If you have questions, let me know. You can mail your donations (made out to WHS Class of 1974) to me at:
426 Glenwood Avenue, Burlington NC 27215.
Thanks again for a great time last weekend!!! We hope to do it again in 5 years. The committee welcomes your suggestions.
Beth Maness Kelley

09/05/09 10:19 PM #226    

Robin Brady (Cain)

I've added pics from the reunion to my profile page (about 75 of them). You were right Melanie, it was a little time consuming but worth it to be able to share with those who were unable to attend and remind those of us who were there how much fun it was. And boy, tonight seems boring compared to a week ago!

09/06/09 01:10 PM #227    


Bob Williamson

Good job Beth, good job Robin...
I'll check both!

09/07/09 09:04 PM #228    

Fran Jennings (Teter)

Hey Everyone,
The reunion was a blast and I hope we can have another one in 5 years, 10 is too long!!! Robin's photos are fabulous. What great memories!
I see the word is out about Coach Danny Morrison. I saw his photo in the Charlotte Observer and flipped! How exciting! Also, someone mentioned Debbie Dillon. Well she is now Debbie Darden, married to a doctor, and their daughter is getting married next month. I see her occasionally in Charlotte and she is doing great. We still laugh about her very first teaching experience with Greg Lunsford in her class. His mission was to crack her up so she could not get through the lesson and he succeeded most of the time. Greg, do you remember the nativity scene you orchestrated in the middle of English class? Eddie Gant was Baby Jesus. It was a riot!
Love and peace to all!

09/07/09 09:24 PM #229    


Bob Williamson

Oh Fran...what fun! Greg Lunsford impromtu manger scene! Yes, 10 is too long. Coach Morrison, what a well deserved promotion. I remember he and coach Hodge being Batman and Robin at the talent night and being so funny. Coach Lee looking at the Playboy magazine!...LOL...good stuff.

Bobby Williamson

09/07/09 09:52 PM #230    

Grant Fox

Cheryl, I have posted some of the pictures from Fri night- will get to the rest soon. Grant

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