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09/08/09 06:47 PM #231    

Cheryl L. Eagle (Irwin)

thanks Grant, i knew you got some good ones! i posted the one picture i got of the Turrentine "Oreos." :-) Ci

09/09/09 10:52 AM #232    


Carole A. Simnor (Kaprelian)

Grant -
Thanks for sharing your pictures. Everyone looks so great!
Can't wait to see the rest!

09/10/09 12:11 AM #233    

Claudia Byrd

Hi Everyone,
Just wanted to say it was great seeing you all at the reunion (some for the first time in thirty years). Never really socialized with any of you before but wow-you're alright peeps. Hope we can do this again in five years.

09/11/09 12:04 PM #234    


Bob Williamson

I bet everyone remembers where we were on 9/11/2001 the day we were attacked by militant Muslim terrorists. It was a day I will never forget. That day was filled with shock, tragedy and heroism. The shock I personally experienced watching the second plane full of innocent people slam into the world trade made me so upset I left work and went home. The shock that there were other planes with innocent Americans being used by despicable people whose aim was to "punish" our freedoms and sucesses as a nation and the tragety of lives lost and fire fighters killed responding to what is now known as ground zero was a horrific sight. All those killed as well as the group of passengers that took out the flight headed to the White House or the Capitol that crashed in Shanksville, PA were hero's as well.

As a Nation, we can not become complacent with regard to protecting this great country. This was not just "a terrorist" act. This was a wake up call that our home soil can be hit by enemy. Unfortunately, as our technology advances to protect us, so too, does the technology of the enemy.

September 11 should be a time of rememberance a time of prayer and a time to remind us to be ever vigilant.
There are certain Muslims in the world that believe that if you are not a Muslim, you should die. That is a scary thought. Especially to me since I am a Christian.

I went down to my church a little while ago. I rang the bell for those killed on 9/11/01. I also prayed that our country, founded in part on freedom of religion, could remain so.

Bobby Williamson

09/12/09 04:02 PM #235    


Bob Williamson

Well, I can't get a video to post here...I was trying to put up "God Bless the USA" performed by Neal E. Boyd. It's amazing. If you get a chance go to Youtube and check out Neal E. Boyd singing this song.

Hope everyone is doing well.

Bobby Williamson

09/12/09 10:10 PM #236    

Sam Beatty

I just want to say thanks to the Reunion Committee and the Pinsons for hosting such great events! It was really nice to catch up with folks after so many years.


09/16/09 05:19 PM #237    

Cindy Lawson (Fox)

Yes, it was very nice! Thanks so much for all the hard work to make it happen! It was great to see old friends again. Sam, Mark and I really enjoyed our conversation with you. I'm thankful to have gone to school with you all. God bless, and come see us! :)

10/07/09 07:39 AM #238    


Bob Williamson

Good location Karen, I'll check it out.

I'd like to invite classmates to an annual party I have each year in Pinnacle, NC. This year it is October 17th.

Go to for details.

Hope to see you there!

Bob Williamson

12/22/09 09:20 AM #239    


Bob Williamson

Hi Bulldogs!

Well, Christmas is quickly approaching. The other day I heard a Christmas song on the radio.."It's The Most Wonderful Time of THe Year." I thought to myself that I could substitute "Stressful" for "Wonderful" sometimes. I think many people (myself included) have the inclination to get caught up in the so called commercialism and temporarily forget the true meaning of Christmas. With all the activities surrounding this Holy event, come lots of emotions as well. Some good...laughter, gifts,friends and family. Some not so good...sadness, money problems and solitude. That's why it's important to remember the true reason of our Holy day. Celebrating the birth of Jesus. It's not all about trees and lights and parties, sure they can add to it...but it's simply about celebrating the birth of Jesus. Especially in our hard economic times, one must be cognizant of those experiencing some trepidation about the upcoming Christmas season. My dear friend, an attorney, always says: "Keep your eyes on the prize." In my opinion the best thing I can do this and every Christmas is to keep my eyes on the prize...the birth of Jesus. I wish all Bulldogs a meaningful Christmas and a healthy and prosperous 2010.

Bobby Williamson

12/31/09 04:31 PM #240    


Carole A. Simnor (Kaprelian)

A very Happy New Year to the Class of '79!!!
May we each have a healthy, happy and memory filled 2010.
All the Best,

01/01/10 09:15 AM #241    


Bob Williamson


I added a new photo...check it out-

02/16/10 05:56 AM #242    


Patty D. Brafford (Sprague)

Hey Guys...
I have been out and about and have missed every singel class reunion...I hope now that I am back in Burlington, that someone will remember to contact me. I would love to go to the next one...
Heard everyone had a great time and I have seen the pictures posted on some peoples facebook...
Hope to catch up with some of you.

10/16/10 09:49 AM #243    

Sarabeth Moss (Edwards)


Did anybody get any pictures from the latest Fabulous Lumpsters' benefit at the park?  I was not able to attend, but I hear it was awesome.  Would love to see some photos.

12/30/10 05:30 PM #244    


Bob Williamson

Hello Classmates!


We wish you a safe and happy celebration and a healthy and prosperous New Year!


Bob & Ellie Williamson

10/27/11 04:44 AM #245    


Patty D. Brafford (Sprague)

Hey guys....I was out of state everytime we had a class reunion...hope to get in on the next one now that I am back in North Carolina.  Its great finding alot of you on facebook and hope to see you soon.

02/04/12 04:07 AM #246    

Steven M. Checchi

Hello Everyone.  It's me.  Steve Checchi.  I'm happy to say that I just received my associates degree, diploma, and transcripts from Kaplan University in Paralegal Studies. It's been a long time coming. I graduated Sum Cum Laude. 


06/08/14 06:27 PM #247    


Karen D. Howe (Ezzell)

Hi All! I missed the 30th I am hoping to see you all for the 35th!??

09/03/14 11:56 PM #248    

Robin Brady (Cain)

Who's getting excited about the reunion? I am so ready to see everyone.

09/07/14 04:12 PM #249    

Cindy Moran (Johnson)

Looking forward to seeing everyone!

Cindy Moran Johnson

09/14/14 10:41 PM #250    

Sam Beatty

Kudos to the Reunion Committee and the Pinsons for organizing such a great reunion!   

Best to everyone,

Sam Beatty

09/15/14 09:52 PM #251    

Sarabeth Moss (Edwards)

I would like to offer a Great Big Thank You to the Reunion Committee. You guys did a fabulous job!  It was a blast!  We enoyed seeing everyone.  Love you all!  By the way, I could hardly walk Sunday from dancing the night away.  It's hell getting oldcheeky.

09/17/14 07:59 PM #252    

Robin Brady (Cain)

SaraBeth...I get it! I haven't worn shoes with a heel in years and to think I could dance in them too....I'm still whinnng about sore legs and knees!  Hope to see you guys again soon.  

09/18/14 11:19 AM #253    


Karen D. Howe (Ezzell)

I could barely walk too....back and feet were hurting..took a day to recover lol!!! I would do it again in a heartbeat! !!??

09/18/14 12:27 PM #254    

Sarabeth Moss (Edwards)

I know that's right. I'm a flip flop and tennis shoe girl most of the time, but it sure felt good to get dressed up and act a fool :p

11/01/14 07:42 PM #255    

Sandy Chandler (Glenn)

So sad that I missed the reunion, but wonderful pictures of reunions of the past! (thank you Henry and Reunion Committee)   We had an awesome class :)  Wish everyone well and hope to see you next time!  

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